Saturday, November 14, 2009

the jesus we flirt with

im wondering how much we really know jesus. ive been a believer for around 12 years and i can honestly say the pursuit of Jesus is incredibally hard. I would consider myself a pretty devout christian but sometimes i feel like i barely know the man i call my savior. Sure i know who he is and all the stories about him, but how personal is my relationsip with Him? i want him to be my everything and my best friend, but it is COMPLEX and simple all at the same time. I feel like as time goes on we as humans get worse and worse at being relational with one another. We would rather text or facebook than sit down and talk or talk on the phone. Does this effect the way we communicate with Jesus? is has to right? i don't know but i want so badly to be in a 100% commited relationship with Jesus but so often i find myself just flirting with him. When im bored or lonely or things are wrong i run to him and give him everything that i have and lean on him 100% but what about all the other times? i don't think i do. i am routine with him.....i read, i pray i mediate but its just going through the motions we do that with each other? maybe....i don't know.....just thoughts...........wherever you are..........i encourage you to stop flirting and commit yourself..........Romans 12:9 let your love be sincere, HATE WHAT IS EVIL, and cling to what is good

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